General Government
When does the City Council meet?
Unless special circumstances warrant a change, the Council meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Council Chambers inside City Hall (Austin Street entrance).
How do I get placed on a Council Meeting agenda?
You must submit your request in writing to the City Secretary no later than noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting.  Your request must detail the subject matter you wish to discuss with Council, as well as your name, address and telephone number.
Sanitation Department
Do I have to have trash service?  How do I set it up?
All inhabited residences in the city must have trash service per City Ordinance No. 230-I.  Contact City Hall for information on setting up a new account.
When is payment due for trash service?
Payment for trash service is due by the 1st day of each month.  A $5.50 penalty is applied if not paid by 5:00 pm on the 15th of the month.
Do I still have to pay if I do not receive a bill?
Yes.  You still owe for the service whether you receive a bill or not.  The City has no control over the bills once they have been delivered to the post office for delivery.
I am a renter and I need to stop my service.  How do I do that?
Property owners are ultimately responsible for trash service in the city.  Contact your landlord and let him/her know you are moving so that this matter can be addressed.
When does Piney Woods pick up bulk trash items?
Each Friday, during their regular pickup route, Piney Woods will pick up your blue cart and up to two bulk items as long as these items are placed near the blue cart.  Additional trash cans are considered bulk items.
I have some construction debris that needs to be picked up.  Will the City or Piney Woods pick it up?
Piney Woods will not pick up construction debris.  The City will pick it up, however, there is a $20 per cubic yard charge for doing so.  Contact City Hall and someone will go out and measure your debris.  Someone from the Sanitation Department will then contact you with the cost.  Once payment has been made, the debris will be picked up on the following Friday.
I paid someone to cut my limbs/trees.  How long will it take for the city to pick them up?
Paid contractors are responsible for hauling off all green waste they cut.
Do I need to call City Hall to get on a list for limbs to be picked up?
There is no need to call City Hall.  The city has a weekly route for green waste pick up.  However, if any other type of debris is mixed in with your limbs/green waste, the truck will not pick it up.  Also, it cannot be picked up if placed underneath an overhead power line.
My neighbors are not cutting their grass.  What do I need to do?
Contact the City's Code Enforcement Officer at 409.883.7574.
Building / Construction
Is a building permit required for .....?
Although this is not a complete list, the following projects DO require permits:
Fences (3' high or higher)
Roof decking
Whole window Replacement
Swimming Pools
Central AC
Gas Piping & Pressure Testing
Shed or Storage Bldg (120 sq. ft or larger)

Although this is not a complete list, the following projects DO NOT require permits:
Fences under 3' high
Window Pane Replacement
Floor Coverings

How do I go about moving a manufactured home (mobile home) into West Orange?
Contact the Building Official at 409.883.3468.  For additional information, go to the "Government" tab on this site and then "Municipal Codes."  Search for Ordinance No. 302-F.
Police Department
How do I get in touch with a police officer at night or on a weekend?
Will the WOPD do "extra patrols" on my house if I am out of town?  If so, how?
Contact the WOPD office at 409.883.7574 during normal business hours to request this service and provide the necessary information.
Municipal Court
I just received a citation (ticket).  What do I do now?
Option 1.  Call the Court office at 409.883.4552 within 14 days of receiving the citation to make an appointment to see the judge.

Option 2.  Come in to the Court office with a valid government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license or ID), complete a Plea Sheet and pay your fine "in-full."
May I come to court on behalf of my spouse/friend?
No.  The individual who received the citation (ticket) must come in to see the judge, bringing in proper photo identification.  Once payment arrangements have been made with the judge, anyone may come in to make payments on the citation.  If for any reason, an individual is not able to abide by the payment agreement made with the judge, he/she will need to come back in to court and see the judge to discuss other arrangements.
Will I go to jail if I come in to see the judge and I have warrants?
The judge does his best to work with all defendants if these are "regular" warrants, however if they are "Capias Pro-Fine" warrants, you could be arrested.
Can I make a payment on my citation on-line?
The court does not accept on-line payments at this time.  You may come in to the court office to pay in person, place your payment (along with the citation docket #) in one of the drop boxes outside City Hall; mail your payment in or call the court office at 409.883.4552 to pay with a debit or credit card (3% processing fee applies).

NOTE:  Personal and/or business checks are NOT accepted.  The West Orange Municipal Court accepts payments by cash, cashier's check, money order, debit card or credit card (VISA, MC, Discover).
But I did not receive a notice or letter to appear in court....
The citation you received (and signed) from the officer is your notice to appear in court.  The court's address and phone number are on the citation and it is YOUR responsibility to contact the court to make an appointment to see the judge.
Why are my citations now warrants?
Possibility #1:  You received a citation (ticket) and did not contact the court, or appear before the judge, to submit a plea on the charge.  This is considered as a "failure to appear," which triggers a warrant.

Possibility #2:  You received a citation (ticket), appeared before the judge, signed a payment agreement to pay out your fines and court costs and then defaulted on this payment agreement.  A failure to follow through on your payment agreement with the court could trigger a "Capia Pro-Fine" warrant.  If arrested, the judge has the option of holding you in jail until you "sit out" the remainder of the amount owed to the court.