West Orange TX city hall

City of West Orange
Code of Ordinances

City of West Orange
“Most Requested” Ordinances

  • Ordinance No. 77-D…Pertains to litter, high grass, maintenance of property, etc. within City
  • Ordinance No. 96-A…Prohibits discharging of firearms within the City
  • Ordinance No. 149-A…Pertains to drainage boxes and culverts
  • Ordinance No. 230-I …Pertains to mandatory trash pick-up service within the City
  • Ordinance 234-D…Regulating the sale of alcoholic beverages within the City of West Orange, Texas
  • Ordinance No. 302-E…Regarding HUD-Code Manufactured Homes (formerly known as mobile homes) AMENDED 10.10.2022
  • Ordinance No. 304-B…Pertains to Itinerant Vendors, Door-to-Door Peddlers and obtaining permits for said activities – AMENDED 11.08.2021
  • Ordinance No. 335…Enacting a curfew for minors
  • Ordinance No. 346…Establishing an ad valorem tax freeze for residential homestead property owners
  • Ordinance No. 350…Relating to definitions and restrictions on registered sex offenders’ residency
  • Ordinance No. 352-B…Adopting an ordinance that consolidates all construction codes into a single ordinance
  • Ordinance No. 355-D…Regarding Animal Control within the City and establishing adoption and impound fees – AMENDED 07.18.2022
  • Ordinance No. 356…Concerning signs and the regulation thereof
  • Ordinance No. 358…Adopting regulations concerning Recreational Vehicle Parks
  • Ordinance No. 360-C…Establishing a Flood Damage Prevention ordinance AMENDED 10-11-2021
  • Ordinance No. 366…Regulates the use of Industrialized Housing
  • Ordinance No. 397…Prohibits placing Recreational Equipment on or within five feet of the street pavement
  • Ordinance No. 406-A…Requires the repair or demolition of buildings which are dilapidated, substandard or which are unfit for human habitation
  • Ordinance No. 414…Establishes annual registration and inspection requirements for owners of residential rental property
  • Ordinance No. 424…Prohibits consumption or possession of any open container containing alcoholic beverage in public places within city limits
  • Ordinance No. 425-B…Regulates  specific coin-operated game machines within city limits AMENDED 10-11-2021
  • Ordinance No. 447…Relating to alarm systems, excessive faulty alarms and service fees for excessive alarm calls
  • Ordinance No. 459…Regarding the operation of golf carts and off-highway vehicles within the City of West Orange
  • Ordinance No. 462…Regulates the use of portable toilets within the City of West Orange
  • Ordinance No. 463…Annexes certain described territory into the city limits of the City of West Orange
  • Ordinance No. 474…Establishes the requirements for the construction of, addition to, or extension of, a HUD-Code Manufactured Home Park within the City of West Orange


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