The City of West Orange contracts with Piney Woods Sanitation to collect household and commercial trash weekly (on Fridays).  Trash service is mandatory in the city for all inhabited properties per Ordinance No. 230-I.  There are many options available for paying for your trash service:  in person at City Hall; by mail; monthly bank draft; via phone at 866.283.3061 or on this website.  Piney Woods will service your trash cart and up to two "bulky" items per week.

For your convenience, the city also offers two additional services to its residents:  dumpsters and construction / debris pickup.  Dumpsters can be rented (by homeowners and landlords only) at City Hall for up to ten working days.  A dumpster will be delivered to your home for your use, per guidelines set forth in the rental agreement.  Should you have construction or other debris that you wish the city to pick up, you may stack it neatly at the curb, contact City Hall and someone will go to your home and measure it.  There is a $20 per cubic yard fee for pickup.  (Note:  Construction / debris will NOT be picked up if mixed with green waste.)

Limbs and green waste piled neatly curbside will be picked up by the city on its weekly collection route.  There is no need for you to call to be put on a "pick-up list." (Note:  Limbs and green waste will NOT be picked up if mixed with other types of debris, or if stacked under any overhead utility lines.)