Animal Control

Should you wish to adopt a pet from the West Orange Animal Shelter, please contact City Hall @ 409.883.3468.
Adoption fees are as follows:

Up to four (4) months of age: no charge

Over four (4) months of age: $50 deposit that will be returned to adopting owner upon providing proof that adopted animal has been spayed or neutered and given rabies vaccination within the required ten (10) day period

2 hours or less: no charge
1st offense: $25 + $10 per day
2nd offense: $50 + $10 per day
3rd offense: $75 + $20 per day

All dogs and cats three (3) months of age or older, which are kept, harbored or maintained within the City shall be vaccinated against rabies.

Any dog or cat running at large or any dog not wearing a collar with a valid proof of rabies vaccination tag attached may be picked up by the animal control officer and impounded.

It shall be unlawful for any person to own, possess or control more than a total of three (3) dogs or cats over the ages of four (4) months of age, at any location in the City, except at a licensed business dealing with the commercial care of animals.

It shall be unlawful to own, possess or harbor any swine whether standard or hybrid in the City of West Orange.

Horses and cattle may be kept on tracts of land three (3) acres or greater in size in enclosures that limit the animal to being no closer than 50 feet to any habitable building other than that of the owner.

Fowl and rabbits may be kept on tracts of land one (1) acre or greater in size in coops, cages or hutches located no closer than 100 feet from any habitable building other than that of the owner. All coops, cages and hutches shall be kept in a clean sanitary condition and be cleaned at least weekly.

Online Adoption Form:

West Orange, TX Animal Shelter Adoption Application