Jessie romero, assistant chief
2700 Austin Avenue
West Orange, TX. 77630

Office:  409.883.7574 
After Hours:  409.883.0059

Fax:  409.883.4550



Hello and welcome to the West Orange Police Department’s Web Page. We are glad that you have chosen to visit us, and I welcome you to return.

The West Orange Police Department is comprised of dedicated law enforcement professionals who are committed to providing unparalleled service to our community. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining high standards of integrity, professionalism and excellence.

The West Orange Police Department is a pro-active agency that is dedicated to community policing. We recognize that a primary component of effective law enforcement is the participation of our citizens. We, with our citizens, ensure that the law enforcement needs of this community are met. To help us perform our duties, we encourage citizens, business workers and visitors to be alert, take precautions, and to report any crime or suspicious activity to the Police Department. Working together in a partnership we can achieve goals on improving the quality of life in West Orange, Texas.

We are very proud of our Department and the quality of service that we provide. In the past years we have had, and made use of, opportunities to implement a pro-active and dynamic change of our Department. We have not had better working relations with other agencies, this being inclusive of administration flowing down through the clerical ranks in the department. I feel this is necessary in law enforcement because “criminals know no boundaries!”. Working together we can pool our resources, establish patterns and share equipment to help “take a bite out of crime!”.

We continue to focus on a pro-active strategy involving the community and the Police Department working together to not only make our city, but our community, a safe and secure place to live, work and play.

I am very proud to serve and be a part of the West Orange Police Department. The Department and its members are dedicated to excellence in service to the citizens and visitors of the City of West Orange, Texas, 24 hours per day. Don’t hesitate to call upon us.

“The West Orange Police Department seeks opportunities from other governmental entities to acquire law enforcement vehicles and equipment for utilization in our law enforcement activities.  We are currently seeking a bullet-resistant personnel transport carrier that can accommodate specialized team members during a deployment to events as well as HMMV vehicle(s) that can be used in rugged terrain situations.”