West Orange TX city hall

City of West Orange – City Secretary

Theresa Van Meter, TRMC
Office: 409.883.3468 
Fax: 409.882.0652


The city secretary shall attend every meeting of the city council, and keep accurate minutes of the proceedings thereof in a book to be provided for that purpose, and engross and enroll all laws, resolutions, and ordinances of the city council, keep the corporate seal, take charge of and preserve and keep in order all books, records, papers, documents and files of said council, countersign all commissions issued to city officers, and licenses issued by the mayor, and keep a record or register thereof, and make out all notices required under any regulation or ordinances of the city.

She shall be the general accountant of the city, and shall keep in books regular accounts of the receipts and disbursements for the city, and separately, under proper heads, each cause of receipt and disbursement, and also accounts with each person, including officers who have money transactions with the city, crediting accounts allowed by proper authority and specifying any particular transaction to which such entries apply.

She shall keep a register of bonds and bills issued by the city, and all evidence of debt due and payable to it, noting the particulars thereof, and all facts connected therewith, as they occur. She shall carefully keep all contracts made by the city council; and she shall perform all such other duties as may be required of her by law, ordinance, resolution or order of the city council.

The city secretary also serves as the City Treasurer, who shall give bond in favor of the city in such amount, and in such form as the city council may require, with sufficient security to be approved by the city council, conditioned for the faithful discharge of her duties. She shall receive and surely keep all moneys belonging to the city, and make all payments from the same upon authorization of the mayor or city council.

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